Bombki 2017:

Angels  We are praying they are fine very soon they were meant for 2016 but thee were issues with moulds and time was a major factor.

I really apologise for this ~ Michael

Christmas by the Petersons’ (15th Anniversary Collection , designed by the Peterson family) arrived Dec 2016 but will be bigger for 2017

as artistic baubles (Like “London Sky ” style will be added to this)

Little 007  James Bond Special Edt. Set ~ Official Licensed Product (Really Cool!)

I am sure it will be a major success in 2017 as it is very elegant.

Other designs planned for 2017 are the well awaited Little English Countryside set ! I am working on this as we speak.

and Little Christmas Set.

Please enquire by phone on 07715341287 and speak to

Michael Peterson

Bombki /Head of Design

  • Sep 12, 2015
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