It's almost time so we thought we'd share Michael’s top 5 Christmas Tree decorating tips.

1. You’ll need to make the tree a nice shape to start with, so trim to that perfect shape whilst not losing the natural look of the tree. This is very important!

2. See through decorations are very important as they create a cosy feel with the lights being blurred through them. Clear glass bauble garlands are always on my tree.

3. Repeat certain Decorations which I call ‘fillers’ such as standard baubles, Bombki Candy Canes or our Little bees. These work great in between those really special pieces.

4. Decorate in invisible diamond shapes and fill little baubles in between these. You can cut the branches to fit the Decorations in and so that you can see them.

5. Use all different size baubles, not just the one size, as you need a beautiful contrast. Go larger towards the bottom and smaller towards the top. That’s not to say you can't have any small at the bottom. This will give the tree height!

  • Nov 23, 2018
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