Reigning for more than 63 years, Queen Victoria was truly an iconic figure in British history. What better way to pay homage to one of Britain's greatest monarchs than to create a Bombki collection in her honour.

Little Victoria created by Michael Peterson, Head of Design here at Bombki, celebrates 200 years of Queen Victoria with 5 unique ornaments dedicated to her memory. Pieces compliment one another and represent different areas of her time as monarch. Included in the collection are:

Little Dash | Victoria’s King Charles Spaniel Dash, who was always by her side.

Little Penny Farthing | Showing Victoria’s profile as our monarch on British currency.

Little Mistletoe | Although it’s unclear exactly where or when the tradition of kissing beneath the mistletoe began, it’s thought to have started among servants in Victorian England. Queen Victoria Popularised this and now we all kiss under the mistletoe.

Little Victoria Crown | The small diamond crown of Queen Victoria is a miniature imperial and state crown made at the request of Queen Victoria in 1870 to wear over her widow’s cap following the death of her husband, Prince Albert. It was perhaps the crown most associated with the queen and is one of the Crown Jewels on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

Little Victoria Journal | Queen Victoria’s journals are the personal diaries and journals kept by Queen Victoria. She maintained them throughout her life, filling 122 volumes which were expurgated after her death by her youngest daughter. Extracts were published during her life and sold well. The collection is stored in the Royal Archives.

  • Oct 14, 2019
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