Little Henry VIII

Little Henry VIII

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Product Material: Glass

Dimensions: Henry VII 40mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 15mm (D)

Dimensions: CATHERINE OF ARAGON 40mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 15mm (D)

Dimensions: ANNE BOLEYN 40mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 15mm (D)

Dimensions: JANE SEYMOUR 40mm (L) X 30mm (W) X 15mm (D)

Dimensions: ANNE OF CLEVES 40mm (L) X 30mm (W) X 15mm (D)

Dimensions: CATHERINE HOWARD 40mm (L) X 30mm (W) X 15mm (D)

Dimensions: CATHERINE PARR 40mm (L) X 30mm (W) X 15mm (D)

Release Date: October 2019

Packaging: Beautiful, hand constructed, wooden presentation box.

Box Material: Birch Ply Box 

Finish: Natural

Box Size: 160mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 80mm (H)

Total Weight: 0.45Kg


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